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Prompt:Feixian Qifeng Wood Co., Ltd. Date:2018-1-20
Prompt:Feixian County Shandong Qi Feng wood industry Co., Ltd.
I remember the second half of 2016, the thorough investigation of corporate environmental conditions, resulting in Foshan, Chongqing, Chengdu, Yongkang, Nanxun and Northeast China a lot of EIA is not standard, a lot of building materials, including wood Home Furnishing enterprises were ordered rectification or shut down. The passage of time, the second half of 2017, the rectification of environmental protection decrees like a knife hanging in the big business head Damour Chris's sword, and how much the company will receive a connection? OK, first look, now what are the important origin of wood is strictly environmental conditions.
Yongkang: in July 31, 2017, the provincial office, the office of the provincial government issued "on the full implementation of the ecological protection of the red line delineated and strictly implement opinions", comments related to all walks of life, from the rectification of appearance of the city, to improve the enterprise's environmental protection facilities and so on, though not the requirement to stop production, but simmering, environmental protection storm struck.
Nanxun: in August 4, 2017, the office of the people's Government of Huzhou District of Nanxun issued a notice on the special rectification action plan for environmental pollution in the wood industry in Nanxun district. Notice, for the further implementation of the Huzhou municipal government on promoting environmental pollution special governance and promote industrial restructuring and upgrading work requirements, effectively make up long plagued Nanxun District of wood industry "low, small, scattered, chaotic, dirty" short board, to further standardize the wood enterprise legal and orderly production, forced wood industry upgrade and to enhance the overall environmental quality of Nanxun District, Nanxun District, wood industry environmental pollution special rectification action plan formulated.
Chongqing: Office of the municipal office, municipal government jointly issued the "Chongqing implementation of the central environmental protection inspector feedback rectification plan", "plan" made 37 specific measures in 4 aspects, to ensure the 115 specific issues in this year to complete the rectification 88, completed within the next year 12, 2020 15, the specific content involves many aspects, including corporate environmental rectification work is the priority among priorities, a bit sloppy.
Sichuan: in August 7, 2017, the central fifth environmental protection supervision team inspector, Sichuan mobilization meeting held in Chengdu, according to arrangements, the central fifth Environmental Protection Inspectorate Inspectorate stationed about 1 months. Inspector stationed in the period (August 7, 2017 ~ September 7th), the main acceptance of environmental protection in Sichuan province letter, call report.
Jilin: in August 5, 2017, the Provincial Department of Jilin provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, jointly issued the "Jilin province water pollution prevention and control in key industries and the transformation of clean special rectification action plan", put forward the overall requirements, remediation goals, major tasks and safeguard measures for the prevention and control of water pollution in key industries and the transformation of clean work, provide guidance for the country to carry out rectification work, in particular to papermaking, coking, metal. Pesticides, wood and other industries, the drainage equipment unqualified enterprises to focus on.
Shandong: July 22, 2017, Shandong province environmental protection comprehensive renovation problems to tackle the mobilization meeting held in Ji'nan conference, thoroughly implement the General Secretary Xi series of important speech and governing the new concept of new ideas and new strategy, to fully implement the new deployment on the environmental protection work of the new requirements, the province's mobilization, strong tackling, accelerate to solve outstanding environmental issues protected areas, the province's environmental quality and promote continuous improvement.
From the above news is not difficult to see, from Yongkang to Nanxun, Chongqing and other key city of wood production, key production as well as Sichuan, Jilin, Shandong and other provinces, all environmental protection into the second half of the key direction of the work of the government. Moreover, the above listed only wood production typical provinces and regions, other provinces are also successively environmental protection inspection team stationed, began environmental rectification work.
Now it seems that this wind will not know what time to shave, what degree, according to the author visited Yongkang, Nanxun and Chengdu and other places of the situation, now some manufacturers in order to meet the government's environmental rectification work, has shut down part of the production line, thus caused the production to keep up with orders, many industry insiders the sun is issued "price is no longer important in my circle of friends, the key is that there is no" voice.
But as a whole, the larger ones are relatively small factories, and big firms and big brands are less affected. Although not necessarily out of state, but the environmental crisis for the entire industry production is certainly there will be some impact, especially many small accessories manufacturers production more, more easy to form bone Connaught brand effect, one part of the problem is amplified will affect the whole industry production.
However, the long term, strengthen environmental protection is a country, for the benefit of future generations feat, between economy and benefit, the enterprise must make a choice. In addition, this year the environmental crisis seemingly cruel, seemingly upset some factory plan, also cut off some "way", but standing in the industry and the historical point of view, the development of the industry for the storm eliminate unhealthy tendencies, "damn really dead", are alive really capable of. Some things to focus on the future, also relieved, the government's environmental decree is not light up, but a catalyst, to promote the industry toward a more standardized direction. So now actively cooperate with the rectification of environmental protection, will look into the market after a few years, is the wood enterprise should do, as for the Voices of discontent. Complain about the unfair, perhaps, will really become a grain of dust in the torrent of history.

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