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Prompt:Feixian Qifeng Wood Co., Ltd. Date:2018-1-20
Prompt:Feixian County Shandong Qi Feng wood industry Co., Ltd.
Began in the end of 2016, "the strongest environmental storm", from the southeast coast began, soldiers diverge, all the way to North China, all the way to the southwest.
It is undeniable that the inspection of the furniture factory closed mostly for non pollution permits, not supporting any waste water and waste gas treatment facilities, pollutants straight row adverse impact on the environment.
Media have deep into a furniture manufacturing enterprises, the pungent smell, so that reporters can not open their eyes, according to measurement, its harmful gas exceeded the standard has reached more than 1000 times! It is inconceivable that the workers in the workshop will work in such an environment every day, and how much health will be damaged. The waste gas discharged will cause more PM2.5 pollution in the air.
In addition, it is undeniable that due to the law enforcement process across the board, some of the original legal production of enterprises in this round of remediation was disturbed, accidentally injured. It is understood that the Dongguan area, a large number of factories, moved to Vietnam and other underdeveloped countries and regions, some furniture factory across the country are tough to survive, Kita Kamihiro first-tier cities furniture manufacturing enterprises increasingly stringent requirements, many enterprises choose relocation.
The most stringent environmental inspection, in addition to off the factory, what else?
Compared to the previous examination of the "normal", the environmental supervision is relentless: at any time sampling, up into the factory, even using drones such geeks equipment. Once the inspection irregularities, light letter, requiring downtime rectification, heavy water is directly cut off until the rectification qualified.
The environmental protection There was no parallel in history. storm, in addition to what wood enterprises shutting down the production line can do, in addition to get rid of the end of 2016 the Ministry of environmental protection through the haze, but also want to do what the EIA?
Cut excessive industrial capacity
Needless to say, this is the most intuitive presentation after production. According to the survey, only Chengdu region, because the EIA discontinued production of no less than 1000, many of them furniture factory. Liu Qi, chairman of Dili's home, estimates that the shutdown will affect at least 30% of the capacity.
As a representative of the traditional manufacturing industry, the furniture industry has been plagued by extensive inefficient growth problems, the majority of enterprises in a market is not wide area, ignore the design, service and brand high profit high value production, consume a lot of resources in the low level repeated construction, the homogenization of competition, into a price war.
In recent years, although some enterprises in the completion of the original capital accumulation, through upgrading equipment, optimize the process and other ways to gradually enhance the competitiveness, but too many workshops still affect the overall progress of the industry. At the end of December 2015, the first task of the central economic work conference that in 2016 economic structural reform is to capacity. In the whole year of 2016, documents and measures on eliminating backward production capacity emerge in an endless stream. A stringent environmental protection, at least to allow those redundant construction, low-cost access to the market with excess capacity, rapid marginalization until disappeared.
Reverse thinking
Want EIA standards, upgrading production equipment is only the beginning. Interlocking production chain, with one hair and move the whole body. The focus in this review: paint spraying as an example, to truly realize the "oil water", enterprises in the purchase of coating materials on the expenditure will increase more than 30%, if the overseas imported water paint, the cost will push up again, a double to oil paint. This is only the raw material purchase cost. In order to ensure the soil effect of water paint, a series of equipment, such as oil paint spraying, constant temperature and humidity, semi-finished products drying and so on, need to be adjusted accordingly, and the production process should be changed accordingly.
Of course, all changes are based on one condition - the thinking of the business owner. Would you like to give up some or even most of the profits, and transform the traditional production process, enterprise management system to match the height of the modern enterprise?.
The rise and fall of an industry depends to a large extent on the attitude of the entrepreneurs in the industry. Just as the furniture industry's emergence from the first generation of furniture, breaking the traditional aggressive and positive innovation courage, the process now furniture industry transformation in the economic structure, have the courage to give up the immediate interests of the visible,
Rule reset
Relative to other industries, wood industry "rivers and lakes gas" is particularly strong. This Founder Group origin grassroots, step by step from the bottom, not unrelated. The arena the breath of human warmth to the industry, competition in Mongolia, from another angle, this is the root of the rules of the game industry -- not mature to favor, be quite different and the modern social rules of the game is quite distinct from each other.
Based on the brutal growth of bonus reform, derived from the routine of the card thinking, commercial logic is a common means of rejection, so that the industry with its own low attention attributes lost market confidence. This brand of mixed play competes on the same platform and adds to this distrust.
From the central environmental monitoring, so that the industry re-examine the "rules" of the importance of the rule of law, the industry is facing a critical juncture in transition, not derogatory words. If the quagmire of withdraw from the melee, with external forces to purge the industry, to return to the business logic on track, due to non-compliance to suspend production for rectification pain is not without significance

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