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Haoyan Village, Xue Zhuang Town, Feixian County, Linyi City, Shandong Provice, China.

Prompt:Feixian Qifeng Wood Co., Ltd. Date:2018-1-20
Prompt:Feixian County Shandong Qi Feng wood industry Co., Ltd.
Nowadays, environmental protection supervision, always affecting the hearts of tens of millions of wood people. It is understood that the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate in September 10 from Shandong, Linyi, Rizhao, Qingdao plate enterprises are expected to 5 days after the start, but also some people said: leave the Inspectorate, does not mean the end of environmental protection, because, to the inspection group! A relaxed heart is tightly contained!
The environmental impact of the new deal, wood-based panel production enterprises and Home Furnishing starts a large decline, closing some of the main tidal wave and national enterprises focus areas, making a large number of closures of employees of unemployment, the decrease of the finished product inventory prices soaring, the market entered a state of disorder. According to the monitoring information system of Linyi city price index, the price of Shandong Linyi plate, wood and other raw materials are rising, causing furniture prices rose significantly; in addition, the furniture painting process by the influence of environmental supervision, the stagnation of production, resulting in furniture market tight supply, high prices.
And on the day before, the furniture industry once again caught in a "pincer attack" deadlock. The former industrial raw materials prices did not stop rising, the environmental protection vigorously against the upstream unqualified factory, heavy furniture market will usher in a new round of price surge, but this is just a beginning. According to industry analysis, with the reduction of outdoor temperature, the downstream furniture market began to usher in the sales season, furniture factory production schedule has also accelerated, so the demand for plate gradually rising. However, due to environmental protection supervision "shut down" the impact of the rapid decline in the production of plates, the phenomenon of supply shortage, the collective adjustment of prices throughout the plate market, leading to downstream furniture manufacturers costs continue to rise.
Now, the plate price has become a foregone conclusion! Along with the environmental protection policy further tightened, including wood, steel, chemical and other industrial raw material prices continued to rise, facing a shortage of raw materials, production capacity, rising costs of multiple adverse factors, directly forced in the downstream industry of furniture enterprises have to price. Prices not only did not allow manufacturers to increase profits, but squeezed the original profits and living space. Raw material supply is insufficient, easy to cause enterprises to have orders, but can not produce the situation, can only see the loss of orders. Said a Shandong furniture enterprise's raw material procurement staff in an interview: "with the environmental remediation efforts to increase, rising prices of raw materials, 3 months before the price, at least now go up more than 12%, to ensure no loss. Supplier and dealer purchase, delivery stage, price difference, manufacturers have not dare to answer. Originally suitable raw materials, it is difficult to find a new alternative at a time, the orders have been received, it is difficult to deliver products on schedule." Coincidentally, the price of Hebei, Guangxi and other regions of raw material prices phenomenon, in the face of hot market and soaring data, some industry insiders worry about the upcoming new year market: the contradiction between the supply and demand of raw materials and products, or may cause the new stock in 2018.
Recently, many mainstream companies have started to plate to increase the price of the goods merchants issued notice, at the same time, businesses want to rush in the overall price hike, the appropriate stocking and chowhound, through the "advance stockpile" lock in profits.
More businessmen said: "this is a little embarrassing prices, while the side must rise, while also afraid to lose everyone.". But as the bottom of the business chain manufacturing enterprises, we are very passive. Hope that the struggle in the forefront of the line of Tongren can understand our helpless move.
As everyone knows, every year 9, October is the peak season, the price of raw materials in this period of time increases, often leads to many downstream enterprises can only bear the higher cost, which brings financial impact to many small and medium-sized enterprises, enterprises are facing increasingly severe situation on the production cost. In this market environment, many enterprises in order to ensure the profit space, adapt to the market, ease cost pressures, have issued a public notice of price increases, its product prices increased 5% - 10% different. Although the trend of the industry has not yet hit the tide, but for each enterprise, should also be fully prepared to deal with risks and market pressures, seize the market space, and strive for market profits.
In fact, for the entire industry, environmental supervision, raw material prices, in fact, is not necessarily a bad thing, because it will allow some rely on price as the core competitiveness of enterprises has become increasingly difficult to survive; but also let some middle enterprises pay more attention to the quality and efficiency of business management. Both will help to speed up the survival of the fittest in the industry and develop in a healthy and orderly way.

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