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Prompt:Feixian Qifeng Wood Co., Ltd. Date:2018-1-20
Prompt:Feixian County Shandong Qi Feng wood industry Co., Ltd.
Since last year, due to environmental protection supervision intensified, plate furniture enterprises or shut down, or rectification, or migration. Affected by this, the upstream raw material market has suffered a severe blow, coupled with the industry is now off-season, the current wood processing plants to take goods are more cautious, the market is slow to take goods. However, as a result of the current port region selling hot wood, less arrivals, coupled with the prohibition of precious timber exports in Southeast Asian countries, the timber market will usher in a new round of price increases.
Since entering the off-season decoration, due to the sharp decline in demand for the downstream, wood market trading atmosphere as a whole deserted, all kinds of timber prices are relatively low performance. According to businesses reflect, because the current port areas selling hot wood, less arrivals, prices are still rising trend.
Due to the continued off-season market deepening, the environmental supervision and resolutely hot weather, recently the Russian port stock to reduce the amount of storage of Pinus sylvestris, more serious price than a week before a large drop. According to the survey, although the recent downstream customer demand has not increased, but most traders in Taicang say they are beginning to raise prices. Clinch a deal price, at present, Taicang port long 6/4.2m, specifications 25*150, 1-5 pine quotation 1980 yuan.
At present, the performance of the more prominent material, material stock market Solomon Papua New Guinea is more adequate, affordable. The merchant said, the recent log grade sheet Solomon Papua New Guinea more popular, basically an arrival robbed a space for sale. However, according to market research, the amount of late arrivals will be reduced, may usher in a price surge. Due to the combined effects of many factors, the North American wood with high degree of acceptance in the domestic market has also been greatly affected, and the market price has fluctuated considerably. First, the high temperature warning and fire effects in North America Canada, foreign wood tension, to reduce the number of Hong Kong; second, the downstream just need more limited raw material purchasing power is not high, so that businesses can't purchase a large number of wood. Taicang Hong Kong businessmen reflect long 5.49m and 38*235 specifications Garzon (J grade Najaf quote about 2230 yuan).
Domestic rubber wood ushered in a new wave of prices, now all specifications of materials prices are raised by 5% to 10%. It is understood that this is caused by multiple factors: first, the recent Thailand tropical storm sangkha, 44 government of northeastern and Northern usher in heavy rain, which makes Thailand local timber produced rate is greatly reduced; second, Indonesia dry season, forest and peat are very easy to catch fire, the fire spread serious wood the destruction rate increased; third, the Vietnamese authorities through all timber tariff increase of 25% of the decision, the cost of imported rubber wood rose significantly. Last week, Guangzhou port length 65/75/90/100, specifications 7.5*7.5 of domestic rubber wood sticks, merchants offer 2800 yuan.
Affected by the market off-season, weather, environmental supervision and other factors, last week, the market is still stable pine, low operating mainly. A merchant said, the current port radiation Songyuan Woodstock stock is sufficient, the market price is relatively stable, but shipments are still not improved. At present, the southern ports (Changshu, Xinmin, Taicang) long 4m, big a radiata pine offer 950-960 yuan, long 4m, a reported 930-940 yuan, long 4m, small a reported 850-860 yuan. With the timber off-season market depth, environmental unrest sweeping, the overall market situation is still not fully improved timber, price trend will continue.
Domestic turmoil has not stopped, the international timber market is surging again and again. Wood from geographical and environmental investigation agency (EIA) was informed that the ASEAN cites expert group will in September this year, the Convention on international trade in endangered species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) submitted to the conference of the parties to adjust and control the endangered rosewood Burma pear, red (white) acid branch included in the international endangered species in Appendix two of the proposal.
So, in September this year, Dalbergia trade is likely to face a total ban on the situation, then can only carry out artificial forest planting and utilization, rosewood furniture may be like pear furniture, gradually fade out the market. Not only that, Southeast Asian countries also fully open, prohibit the export of valuable timber.
After the logging ban came into effect in June 1st and June 2nd Laos Laos to Vietnam smuggling mahogany bus explosion caused 8 deaths, according to the "information Vientiane" news: June 6, 2016, Laos central government asked relevant ministries and provincial government appointed relevant responsible person to implement the prime minister last month issued a ban on unprocessed timber, timber and non timber forest products the exit of the prime minister.
The government of Kampuchea announced the closure of mahogany smuggling channels, in January this year, in January this year, the Kampuchea timber smuggling, Kampuchea announced the establishment of the commander in chief of the national gendarmerie led "against timber smuggling committee" to prohibit the rosewood exported to vietnam. And announced two helicopters for air strikes, wood smuggling activities, to minimize timber exports.
However, according to the Vietnamese customs data confirmed that millions of dollars worth of wood is exported from Kampuchea to Vietnam, Cambodia is located in the border area residents and NGO staff said that the export of timber has been significantly weakened, but not completely eliminated, in order to escape the police line, using car carrying timber smuggling. Kampuchea's environmental minister, Saiseno, said on June 5th that the government had completely banned timber exports, in particular the investigation and closure of all channels for smuggling timber to vietnam. In order to eliminate timber exports in full, the government has ordered the blockade of all timber outflow passages, particularly the gateway to vietnam. A lot of people may have no notion of the degree of stringency of species trade regulation in cites appendix two

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