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Prompt:Feixian Qifeng Wood Co., Ltd. Date:2018-1-20
Prompt:Feixian County Shandong Qi Feng wood industry Co., Ltd.
By September, there was no sign of a green storm. September 1st, the Ministry of environmental protection held a news conference to interpret the "Beijing, Tianjin and surrounding areas - 2017 - 2018 autumn and winter air pollution comprehensive control action plan.". According to the plan, the Ministry of environmental protection plans from September 15, 2017 to January 4, 2018, to carry out inspections of 8 times, the main objective of the mission is the verification environment problem rectification, to complete the rectification of the "look back". A new wave of environmental supervision is imminent, effect is also unknown, but before the nine round of environmental supervision has let the port timber market downturn, according to China wood information network understanding, Taicang port also began a thorough investigation of environmental protection, a lot of wood use price.
Russia is a member of the group of material price in the port of Taicang, by the environmental impact investigation, it will not have the supply of Pinus sylvestris, some specifications already sold out, even with the goods, but also by the impact of demand and maintain high price, it is zhangshengyipian. According to China's timber network understanding, specifications for 25*125, length of 1-5 4m Mongolian pine, the market price of 2050 yuan.
The scarcity of supply shortage is the main reason for now a lot of timber prices, North American wood 2*10 specifications three gason is out of state in the Taicang port, now there are stocks of the Qingdao market also took the opportunity to price increases, makes it more expensive and the high price of pine wood. Although the difference with abroad last week almost, but because of the domestic stock, the recent arrival rate is low, Garzon pricing rose probably 60/ cubic meters, of which the specifications for the 38*235, length 4.88m Garzon (three Najaf) market price of 1680 yuan, according to estimates of China wood, pine wood and have continued to rise in the trend, there is interested sellers can pay close attention to.
African timber, this week prices showed little change compared with last week, this piece of sheet basically is average last week, mainly because of inventory, Ben Zhou O Culma painted wood is still adequate, the balance of supply and demand under the market price will keep in balance. But the ice candy logs facing a shortage of state, the future will have the possibility of price hikes, the specification is 2.5/5* wide, 2-3m natural ice candy (common base) market price for 3300-3700 yuan, Chinese Wood network suggested that the procurement needs of businesses can sell as soon as possible.
The new Australian timber market this week to maintain the stability of the "weak" situation, the corresponding market prices were not what the ups and downs, market enthusiasm is still not loose radiation too "rising", compared to last week, little change, current specifications for radiation a, the length 6m of the loose market price for 940-950 yuan.
Rubber wood prices trend continues, mainly affected by five factors: first, rubber prices 10%, lead rubber wood raw material prices; two, the RMB devaluation, dollar price rise, resulting in the purchase cost increase; three, Thailand is the rainy season, rubber wood production decreased, leading to lower imports; four shipping, load limit, reduce the estimated tonnage of 12% or so, resulting in freight costs; five, the domestic shortage of inventory. Rising costs and demand, rubber and wood prices have become inevitable. According to China Wood network understand, specifications for natural width of *5.0, natural long AA grade Thailand rubber wood natural board market price is 2700-2750 yuan.

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